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The Matcha from harvest to packaging

From the heart of the green tea fields in China and Japan, the exciting journey of matcha tea begins from Royal Garden. During this journey, we will learn together about the wonderful details of the different stages that the green tea leaves pass through; from farming to packaging and preparation in different foods and drinks.


First stage: The agriculture

Despite the widespread popularity that matcha has recently gained in many countries around the world. Matcha is actually a type of green tea that comes from the Camellia sinensis plant, like other types of tea, but the most prominent feature of it is the cultivation method, which is very different from the usual green tea.


Where does the distinctive green color of matcha come from?

If most teas search for the sun, this is not the case with matcha. They are the only ones looking for shade anywhere they grow. This is exactly what happens in the city of "Oji" in Japan, which is one of the most famous cities for growing matcha, where farmers cover green tea plants 3 weeks before harvest, to protect them from sunlight and preserve levels of chlorophyll that give leaves a distinctive green color.


How to collect matcha in its different degrees?

The way matcha leaves are collected is different from any other type of tea, it is a process that requires meticulousness at every step. The shape, appearance, and smell of matcha is divided in Royal Garden according to its different grades:

The highest quality of Matcha and its delicious flavors is often served at parties and important occasions; it usually comes from the first harvest of the most delicate leaves.


High-quality, strong flavor, best for everyday consumption and excellent in cold drinks such as matcha iced tea or matcha smoothies.


Good quality, has a flavor with some bitterness, best for cooking, baking and making delicious matcha dessert.



Drying and packing stage

After the process of collecting and dividing the matcha according to its different grades, it is dried and then grind; that is the stage in which the leaves turn into a strong green powder. From here, we move to the packing stage and at this stage the matcha is ready for use.

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