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The differences between Matcha grades

?Looking for a new healthy addition that can change your life

If you are looking for a healthy addition to your daily routine, there is nothing better than Royal Garden matcha tea, which belongs to the “superfood” group, or food with super nutritional value that gives you energy, focus, purifies the body from toxins, and protects it from diseases.

Before you buy Royal Matcha for the first time, you should know that matcha is usually divided into grades according to quality, color, and texture, and each grade has its uses, which we will learn about in detail below.


  • Royal Matcha Super Ceremonial Grade

Produced from the youngest tea leaves, after their stems and veins have been removed, the leaves are then stone-ground to help give Matcha powder its vibrant green color, smooth texture, pure taste, and naturally sweet, sugar-free flavors.


Its purpose: Ceremonial grade is the most expensive and therefore the main and only purpose of buying it is drinking, especially in gatherings as it has been for centuries in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies.


  • Royal Matcha Premium

The grade is seen as a middle point between the ceremonial grade of matcha and the culinary grade.

It is not as pure as the ceremonial grad, but tastes somewhat better than the degree of cooking.


Its purpose: You can order it, if you are looking for a medium grade that you can use in drinks or food, or if you consume matcha on a daily basis in your healthy routine


  • Cooking grade (Royal Matcha Culinary Grade)

Economy and low-cost grade, smells more of fresh grass and has a smooth texture, and bright green color but is not as vibrant as other grades. The most important thing about a cooking grade is that it contains a higher level of antioxidants than ceremonial grade.

Its purpose: It is the lowest grade of matcha in terms of quality, but this does not mean that it is bad at all. It is good for different uses other than drinking, as it is intended for use in baking and cooking, and you can drink this grade only if you do not mind the strong taste accompanied by some bitterness.



Enjoy a different buying experience and order all Royal Garden products that you need to start your first step in a healthy life.


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