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Royal Matcha tools

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The preparation of Matcha tea is a ritual that began over 900 years ago. To follow the traditional method of making Matcha, you’ll need some ceremonial chinese tea tools that you may not have on hand.

We offer sets to help you brew the best matcha every time at home with the right tools. 

Matcha Green Tea Measuring Spoon

  • Matcha Measurement Scoop for the exact dosage for 1 cup (1g of matcha)
  • Quick and simple preparation of matcha drinks and food
  • Long handle (11 cm) to comfortably take powder from matcha bags and cans
  • Quality natural bamboo, food safe and dishwasher safe
  • Can be used for measuring any type of powder for cooking and baking

Matcha tea whisk

Matcha Green Tea Powder Whisk Natural Bamboo Brush Chasen chinese Tool Durable.


Royal Matcha tools